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Hello everybody!

2013-04-03 03:58:49 by SokiStar

Hi I'm Soki. I am a classically trained violinist and pianist, venturing out into the electronica world. My favorite genres are melodic and progressive trance and breakbeat. Since I have had no formal training with music production (FL Studio is what I use primarily), constructive criticism is welcomed. You can look me up on youtube- 'Oki Doki Soki'. Thanks!


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2013-04-04 12:46:54

Hello Soki; welcome to NG!

SokiStar responds:

Thank you Cyberdevil!


2013-04-05 08:51:35

Good to finally see other trance artists on ng. Just know this now, we are an endangered species. More power to you however, and best of luck.

SokiStar responds:

Thanks for the warm welcome!